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Saniplastic Mfg. and Ind. Corp. (Established in 1980) is the first and the biggest producer of sanitary fittings & bathroom accessories in Iran. Three major plants of saniplastic in Tehran & Karaj are equipped with over 100 high tech machines for: injection molding, blow molding, thermo forming, extrusion, as well as technologies for chrome plating of plastics, ultra-sonic welding, gas injection& printing. Thanks to the R&D and P&D teams, Saniplastic is now pioneer in bringing both high quality & low price to its various new products. The products & service quality of Saniplastic is certified by ISO 9001:2008 & we have received Iranian standard for all type of our cisterns ,Water Traps ( Syphones) & Drains.

Over 500 different products

Result of Sani's Brand commitment to its mission

Over 500 different products in sanitary fittings & bathroom accessories and the honor of exporting to over 30 different countries, is the result of Saniplastic commitment to its mission: Customer satisfaction through high quality and on time delivery and precise service along with least defect & loss in production lines. Saniplastic is now the largest & the most prestigious Iranian manufacturer, not only in sanitary field but also in other industrial and automobile parts, having reputation in both Iranian & international markets.


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Dear Sir/Madam

Here we testify that Dr. Mohammad Sanamehr worked with us and in Saniplastic Company about 1 year as "Brand Manager". We should declare that in this period he was very successful in Branding and very effective in Brad Strategy and changed a lot on our company. We totally approve this and honor this cooperation.

Houman Gharibi

Sani Company

Sani Company in now is the first and the biggest producer of sanitary fittings & bathroom accessories in Iran in terms of products variety

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